I acknowledge and pay my respects to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation and the Dharug peoples, who are the traditional custodians of the land on which I was raised and continue to work. I pay my respect to elders past, present and emerging.

GILLIAN KAYROOZ                

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Gillian Kayrooz, Surveillance Over Scrutiny, 2017, Single-channel HD Video, Colour, Sound, 16:9, 4:00      
Surveillance Over Scrutiny is a series of text and dialogue caught in a floating dimension of notice and passing. It consists of a looped video, C-type prints and an art book all which display overheard public conversations which have been transformed into the everyday text of the receipt.

The use of a flat bed scanner and the techniques of scanography are transformed through the missing context of space and setting, consuming the viewer into the haunting nothingness of everyday speech, conversation and our ability to notice or not notice.The slowly floating paper in the black abyss dimension of the looped film lures you in to reading these segments of everyday conversation which the audience can then properly read and reflect on through the large scale c-type prints and collection of scans shots in the artist book.

Altogether the works focus on fast text and contemporary day constant surveillance comments on the dissolving facets of our personal life, in particular those that are constantly harassed by commercialization and commodity.

Gillian Kayrooz, Surveillance Over Scrutiny, 2017, high resolution scans

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